For The Record

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

  Today, I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes, visiting the record shops in my neighbourhood. Wax & Facts is one of these haunts. It’s a modest place. It makes no attempt to be suave or sexy. I have an inkling that it looks now as it has always looked. Herein, lies its charm. Unfinished floors, tattered walls plastered with vintage posters and crates upon crates of old records...oh, the beautiful chaos! For a romantic like myself , it is a nostalgic heaven. Just perusing the stacks of music stirs my creativity. I imagine the various eras and generations that gave rise to the music. I consider how such music defines those generations and eras. Unquantifiable, the stories archived within these walls, in this depository of oral history. Surely, some stories are universal and transcend time. Yet, there are those that voice experiences and perspectives unique to a certain group in a certain period... a living sound-track of sorts. 
As I thumbed through the tomes on love, struggle and life, I wondered "what will  our music say about us?" to those who may find it in the future. Still pondering that question, I tucked my latest bounty under my arms and narrowly avoided surrendering all my money.

Chambray Tunic: Thrifted
Kilim bag: Purchased in Morocco
Necklaces: Indian; Bombay Gyal
Pink Agate ring: Shah
Green Agate ring: Cultural Accents
Bracelets: Tuareg;  Cultural Accents
Hoops: Random beauty supply store

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  1. You look gorgeous Sistar:))))) That lipstick is beautiful on your lips too.