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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Amidst all the festivities in Trinidad a couple weeks ago, it was easy to become distracted and forget that one of the primary purposes of my trip was to accomplish things on my to-do list for next year's Carnival. Thankfully, I managed to check some things off the list despite all the socialising. I spent a few of my days purchasing costume-making material and scouting spaces that could be used as my pop-up mas camp. These two tasks involved alot of walking so I kept things very comfortable. My favourite beaten-in linen skirt, a pair of flat sandals and a light cotton tank fit the bill. My usual choice of accessories for this colour combination would have been brass or gold. I steered away from the norm with silver. A braided leather bag borrowed from my mom ensured that the look remained down to earth. 

Tank top: Zara, on sale
Skirt:Vintage, thrifted
Cuffs:African store, Harlem
Hoops: Generic beauty supply store,Harlem
Rings:Coyote Trading, Atlanta
Sash worn as belt: taken from a thrifted romper
Bag: Talbots, vis a vis my mother's closet

Photo Credit : Dan Castelow

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