Petal Pusher

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Peeking out from a crammed rack of vintage pieces, this kurta seized my attention. No surprise there really because fuschia things usually do. Plus, I spotted some embroidery, not much but just to enough to give a hint of Indian opulence. Then there was the price...a whopping $10.00. Although it seemed a no-brainer purchase, I’m not one to buy things impulsively so it took a few more visits to the consignment shop before I took it home. 
I’m sure that I’ll enjoy wearing it given the jubilant colour and the versatility it holds. I wore it this day with a pair of beaded shorts from Zara.  Dark washed jeans, printed pants or dressy leggings  would go nicely too.  I’m also considering sewing it up the front and adding a zipper so that I can sometimes wear it as a dress. Like many Indian traditional clothing, the options of how to wear it abound.

 Kurta: Rag-o-Rama
Shoes: Nine West
 Earrings: Cultural Accents
  Head-wrap: The Imperial Fez 

 Photo Credit: Jackie Achieng

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