Village Dispatch: Trinidad & Tobago with Safa

Monday, August 3, 2015

There are some people with whom you connect immediately and purely even without meeting them face to face. Safa is one such person. Even across the virtual realm of social media, we recognized a divine sisterhood in each other. It's precious to encounter soulmates...those people who just get you and Safa gets me. Among the plethora of things we share in common, is our profound love for Mother Nature and for the natural environment of our country Trinidad & Tobago. For this reason, as I prepared to publish the first Village Dispatch post, I knew that Safa would be the ideal person to share my beloved home with you. So... meet Safa and meet Trinidad! 

Ancestral Memory: Trinidad, unlike her sister isle Tobago, is known for being very industrialised. Despite this,  she still holds much natural beauty. How did you come to know this intimately? Also, what are your favourite places on our island to spend time with nature? 

Safa: Trinidad is a place of boundless beauty. From a very young age, I've greatly appreciated the wondrous things this island offers. Thankfully,I had parents who recognised my adventurous spirit from a very young age and fostered it to the best of their ability. As an adult, I've continued to explore Trinidad and I'm always amazed at the places I find. I want to continue and hopefully expose to others the magnificent backyard with which we are blessed and encourage them to explore it.


Three Pools in Blanchisseuse has been a favourite since I was introduced to it in October of 2014. Apart from the water, it's the only place I've been to where I see alot of Emperor butterflies. If you are still enough, they fly right up to you.  Their blue colour is brilliant. Aptly named, Three Pools is home to three fresh water pools that are connected. My favourite is pool #2. There's a bank on it perfect for relaxing, that way you can ease into the pool. However, if you're like me, you can climb then jump into it.

The Rio Seco Waterfall is pure magic. It's a 40 minute hike for me depending on who accompanies me. {I can make it in 25 minutes with my brother}. The destination is well worth the journey. It is so deep within the forest that the only sounds you hear are rushing water and the occasional capuchin {monkey} taunting you from way above in the trees. The water is a beautiful green, and jumping from the waterfall is a must! It's a wonderful place to communicate with Mother Nature and to reflect.

The Bamboo Cathedral  is {another} deeply spiritual place for me. From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded by what I describe as ancestral chatter. The sound of wind and bamboo dancing with each other is like prayer.It immediately ushers me to close my eyes and receive whatever it is they are saying. There are also monkeys playing above as they snack on the cocorite palm fruit. If you continue to the top of the hill, you'll find the remains of an old tracking station used by the United States during the Cold War to spy on the Soviets. It's beautifully haunting and worth the trek.

Photos taken by Khalil Waldropt, Muhammad Hamidullah & 
Safa Hamidullah. 
Please respect their intellectual property by not using these images.

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