Village Dispatch : Morocco with Sofia El Arabi

Given my obsession with all things Moroccan design, it should come as no surprise that one of my first Village Dispatch posts features someone from that immensely artistic land. After discovering designer Sofia El Arabi on Instagram a couple months ago,  I knew that I had to ask if she would be willing to share a bit of herself and her home on the AM blog. Sofia's edgy, worldy bohemian style just oozes coolness. At a time when the boho thing can seem over done, she manages to make it look fresh and all her own. Her style intrigues you. It compels you to ask the question "who is she?" Fortunately, Sofia agreed to satiate that curiousity.

AM:From what city in Morocco are you?
Sofia: Casablanca, born and raised.

AM: How did being exposed to creativity inspire you to become an artist?
Sofia: My father was a painter, an intellectual, rich by his readings. I have his bohemian side and style. My mother gave me her business vision.

AM:How does your environment influence your creative process?
Sofia: My everyday life in Casablanca is full of inspiration. I also travel a lot from little village to big city and I read a lot about Morocco and Berber women, in particular.

AM: Describe your line Bakchic, The Label.
Sofia: Bakchic is the expression of a personal identity, a mix between a super rich cultural heritage and the blowing of a contemporary wind. Berberhemian: Bohemian Berber, that is how Morocco keeps inspiring me. Bakchic is the Arabic word for bribery. The brand is what should be taking you back to the true essence of Arabian clothing...unpolluted, uncorrupted.

AM: What is the most romantic place in your city?
Sofia: the little streets of Habous. I love this place!

AM: What personal belonging is most special to you?
Sofia: A ring on my left thumb and my bracelets from all over the world.

AM: What do you do when you want to relax?
Sofia: I visit a hammam.

AM: How do you drink your mint tea?
Sofia: My favourite is my grandmother's....with homemade Moroccan sweets.


  1. What an amazing young woman. This was enjoyable read.

  2. Thanks for reading l'Nubiya! She is quite inspiring!