AM Reads: Between The World And Me

Rounding up my year's reading with this brilliant piece of writing. "Between The World And Me" is a loving, honest letter from a father to his son...a memoir of what it means to be a black man~ a black person in America...a hold no punches analysis of racism in the great, morally superior US of A. 

Birthday Blessings

Even though I enjoy celebrating other people's birthdays with wanton festivity, I prefer more low key affairs for myself. My idea of a perfect birthday is a simple, intimate gathering of those most dear to me or traveling to a place that rejuvenates my mind, spirit and body.  Birthdays for me are perfect opportunities to reflect on life and indulge in simple pleasures...Pleasures such as reading a good book, savouring a home cooked meal, laughing with those whose company I enjoy or spending time with Mother Nature. That is precisely how I celebrated another trip around the sun....

Photography Credit: 
Photographs of me by Kyle Walcott
Photographs of landscape by me


Huapil Hour

Yes, I've been M.I.A. lately and yes, this is my first outfit post in ages. Alright, maybe not ages but it has been a while. Considering this, I thought I would debut this special piece I picked up in Guatemala. It is a traditional item of Mayan clothing called a huapil, pronounced wah~peel  (pl : huapiles) My friend asked me to buy one for her and when I found another similarly pretty, I decided to treat myself. Let's call it an early birthday present! Today, I wore it in the most straightforward way: with all black pieces and hair pulled back. Obvious, I know. But this choice allowed the hues to really pop. At some point, I'll play a bit more by infusing more colour, texture or both. In either case,  it's an instant mood pick~me~upper.

Huapil (Poncho): Guatemala
T-shirt: Gap;Thrifted
Pants: JCrew;Thrifted
Bag:Dooney & Burke;Thrifted

Photo Credit: Jackie Achieng