Huapil Hour

Yes, I've been M.I.A. lately and yes, this is my first outfit post in ages. Alright, maybe not ages but it has been a while. Considering this, I thought I would debut this special piece I picked up in Guatemala. It is a traditional item of Mayan clothing called a huapil, pronounced wah~peel  (pl : huapiles) My friend asked me to buy one for her and when I found another similarly pretty, I decided to treat myself. Let's call it an early birthday present! Today, I wore it in the most straightforward way: with all black pieces and hair pulled back. Obvious, I know. But this choice allowed the hues to really pop. At some point, I'll play a bit more by infusing more colour, texture or both. In either case,  it's an instant mood pick~me~upper.

Huapil (Poncho): Guatemala
T-shirt: Gap;Thrifted
Pants: JCrew;Thrifted
Bag:Dooney & Burke;Thrifted

Photo Credit: Jackie Achieng 

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  1. HAPPY, HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL EARTHSTRONG SISTAR:))))) You look stunning, I pray you more joy and all your goals manifest. PEACE!