2.6.17 2017 Summer Book List

It's been a while since the Book Club I launched with my friend Assata has been active. Even though we really enjoyed hosting the gathering, our schedules didn't seem to be cooperating so we suspended things. Since the last meet-up, I've carried on my bibliophile ways but as good as that solitary reading has been, I've missed how energising it is to engage with others over works of literature. Such ciphers are powerful. They nurture community, creativity and of course conversation. Thus, I have been contemplating how to bring about again in a way that would be appealing and enriching to those who want to be a part of it. Eagerly, I'm looking forward to hearing any suggestions you may have for this book club that I dream will be a global literary lifestyle community. So leave your comments below this post. In the meantime, here is a list of books that I'll be reading this summer. Don't be surprised if a few of them make it to the list. (There are already quite a few selections not on this list that I'm excited to  review and discuss). Here's  to many happy hot days spent reading! 

Photograph of me: Kyle Walcott

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