The God of Small Things

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I would like to think that upon entering my home, certain truths about me would become crystal clear to you, my beloved guest : that I have a voracious appetite for literature and art; that I hold indigenous cultures in high regard, that with them I share an affinity for adornment and colour; that I dwell in a permanent state of wanderlust.

The living room would be the first room you see in my apartment. It would grant you your first impression of my home and of me, the woman who inhabits it. As I have become clearer about both who I am and who I want to be, I have become more particular about what I place in my home. I do not view the objects around me as mere things. To me, they are conduits of energy. As such, I want them to be replete with positive vibes. They must inspire me to live a beautiful, fulfilled and magical life.


Dress:Vintage, made in India 
  Jewellery purchased in Senegal.

Photo Credit:
Ekiuwa of House of Evboumvan
  Ancestral Memory

For The Record

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

  Today, I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes, visiting the record shops in my neighbourhood. Wax & Facts is one of these haunts. It’s a modest place. It makes no attempt to be suave or sexy. I have an inkling that it looks now as it has always looked. Herein, lies its charm. Unfinished floors, tattered walls plastered with vintage posters and crates upon crates of old records...oh, the beautiful chaos! For a romantic like myself , it is a nostalgic heaven. Just perusing the stacks of music stirs my creativity. I imagine the various eras and generations that gave rise to the music. I consider how such music defines those generations and eras. Unquantifiable, the stories archived within these walls, in this depository of oral history. Surely, some stories are universal and transcend time. Yet, there are those that voice experiences and perspectives unique to a certain group in a certain period... a living sound-track of sorts. 
As I thumbed through the tomes on love, struggle and life, I wondered "what will  our music say about us?" to those who may find it in the future. Still pondering that question, I tucked my latest bounty under my arms and narrowly avoided surrendering all my money.

Chambray Tunic: Thrifted
Kilim bag: Purchased in Morocco
Necklaces: Indian; Bombay Gyal
Pink Agate ring: Shah
Green Agate ring: Cultural Accents
Bracelets: Tuareg;  Cultural Accents
Hoops: Random beauty supply store

We are Palestinians

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fall of Fuchsia

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We're having our second bout of cold weather here in Atlanta....or maybe that is wishful thinking. More than likely, the cold is settling in for good. Surprising, how suddenly it descends. Just a couple days ago it was warm enough for me to wear this outfit. Initially, I also wore jeggings but as soon as I stepped outside, it was clear that they were unnecessary. I ended up wearing just the sweater over this thin cotton dress. I took a blazer in case I was out at night, when it would have been cooler. The sweater is a favourite of mine. It’s fuchsia and has little pom pom’s in the front - a playful and feminine detail that helps keep me happy during the colder months.I donned the black hat and bag as well as loads of brass jewellery to prevent things from becoming too saccharine. Although, they are strangely out of view in these photos, I did wear shoes!

 Do you relegate bright colours to the warmer months or do you, like me, enjoy breaking this fashion rule?

Hat:vintage- thrifted
Bag:Dooney & Burke- thrifted
Jewellery-collected from various sources (mostly, handmade)

Photo Credit: Ekiuwa of House of Evbuomwan

Travel Diary: Goree Island

Thursday, October 30, 2014

As the ferry approached the shore, an idyllic scene stretched out before me: fishermen tending to their boats and colour - saturated buildings framed by exuberant bougainvillea trees. As I walked upon the beach, children played, their peels of laughter startling a flock of birds.Women sat cleaning fish. Clothes, hung to dry in the brilliant sun, danced to the gentle ocean breeze. It would have been reasonable to think that life here had always flown as easily as the tide. I knew differently. 

I knew that there was a history here that belied the pretty facade. Centuries ago, on Goree Island an ignoble industry presided. It decimated ages of tradition and tore families apart. It made this island the opposite of paradise for many. It was built upon the denial of humanity and it came to bear an immeasurable impact from West Africa to the so-called West Indies. Yet, not much seemed to exist now that betrayed that gruesome past.

 As I strolled through the narrow dirt roads, I wondered...maybe the walls, the only surviving witnesses, had chosen not to speak. Maybe the ocean had washed away the tears and the sun had bleached the anguish. Maybe children's laughter had silenced the ghosts. Maybe the beauty that surrounded me was a lasting salve to cruelty's wounds.

Photos of landscape and people taken by myself.
Photo of me taken by my guide, Suleiman.

Bedroom Bliss (Part 1)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 At the onset of designing my bedroom, I knew that I wished to create a space that felt luxurious and feminine without being fussy or unwelcoming to the male species. *Giggles* I wanted a room that reflected Eastern, namely, Moroccan and Indian influences. To top it off, it was imperative that I accomplished  all of this on a frugalista's budget. I think I just might have pulled it off.

Photos by Ekiuwa, one half of the wonderful couple behind the photography, graphic design and branding company, 
House of Evbuomwan. 
Check out their work here:

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