AM Reads: Between The World And Me

Rounding up my year's reading with this brilliant piece of writing. "Between The World And Me" is a loving, honest letter from a father to his son...a memoir of what it means to be a black man~ a black person in America...a hold no punches analysis of racism in the great, morally superior US of A. 

Birthday Blessings

Even though I enjoy celebrating other people's birthdays with wanton festivity, I prefer more low key affairs for myself. My idea of a perfect birthday is a simple, intimate gathering of those most dear to me or traveling to a place that rejuvenates my mind, spirit and body.  Birthdays for me are perfect opportunities to reflect on life and indulge in simple pleasures...Pleasures such as reading a good book, savouring a home cooked meal, laughing with those whose company I enjoy or spending time with Mother Nature. That is precisely how I celebrated another trip around the sun....

Photography Credit: 
Photographs of me by Kyle Walcott
Photographs of landscape by me


Pretty Paisley

It will probably be soon that I run out of catchy captions for outfit posts featuring paisley prints. Such is the the pervasiveness of the print among my clothes. Nonetheless, I don't think I'll ever tire of wearing this  groovy print of Persian origin. Among the plethora of 'ethnic' decorative motifs, it's my favourite. I just love its whimsy and prettiness! This dress was an especially sweet find because it's pink (you already know how I feel about pink!)with the darling print fashioned in black. The contrast creates a look that I call restrained festiveness. Given the ease with which it makes me feel dressed-up, this little number will most likely be making at least one more appearance during the upcoming holiday season! Can you blame me?

Dress: Vintage;Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Boots: Nine West
Bangles: Collected from various places

Photography Credit: Jaye Gardener

17.10.15 : Foreign Gods Inc. by Okey Ndibe

So believe it or not, we're already halfway through the month of October! This means we just have a couple weeks left until the second meet-up when we discuss this month's book selection, Foreign Gods Inc by Okey Ndibe. Hopefully, you've picked up your copy by now but if not, you still have time to do so and catch up with the reading. Assata and I are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this new work of Nigerian fiction when we gather on Saturday, the 31st of Oct from 3 to 5pm (EST) via Periscope...Our handle there is papyrusbookclub. Until then, Happy Reading! 

Photography Credit: Sol Messiah

Village Dispatch : Morocco with Sofia El Arabi


Night Life

Taking outfit photographs when it's dark outside isn't conventional in the blogging world. It may indeed be counter-intuitve. Yet, I've come to like the effect that the subtle light casts within the photographs captured. At dusk things come alive in a way they don't during the day. Bronze sparkles, leaves show off their vibrant greens and the muted tones stand out against my dark skin.

Sweater: Banana Republic; Thrifted
Skirt:No label attached; Thrifted
Shoes:Ann Taylor
Bag: Vintage Coach; Thrifted
Necklace: Kaarta Imports 
Earrings:Cultural Accents

Photograpy Credit : Jaye Gardener


Smooth Operator

There is something so sultry about soft fabrics. On days when I want to feel extra feminine and the temperature is favourable, I slip into a silk or satin dress and enjoy the brush of the material against my skin. Just that sensation is enough to make me feel regal, beautiful and sexy. What an easy and effortless way to add a little boost of confidence!
Dress: Banana Republic
Heels: Banana Republic
Clutch: Thrifted

Photo Credit: Jaye Gardener


The Papyr*us Book Club

My sis Assata {aka Sa~roc} and I LOVE to read!!!!! We've bonded over this mutual love for literature, poetry and other great writing. The art that is writing has served as a portal through which we've  travelled beyond the boundaries of space and time...enabling us to envision and experience life beyond our immediate realities. Given how transformative the alchemy of writing has been to us, we've long dreamed of  starting a book club through which we could nurture substantive and inspiring relationships with other globally minded  women. We're excited to say that dream is now reality. Papyr*us is a monthly gathering in which we intend to celebrate sisterhood, substance and superb written works by people of colour.

There are two ways for our fellow queens to be a part of Papyr*us.  The first is by invitation to our intimate Atlanta sessions. The second is via social media. Follow us on Periscope {thepapyrusbookclub} You will be able to follow our monthly sessions there in real time through a live feed. Also subscribe to our Youtube channel {thepapyrusbookclub} where previous sessions will be viewable. Additionally, we will share new book announcements; book review questions and commentary on each piece via Instagram {papyrusbookclub}, Periscope and here on the Ancestral Memory blog.

Once we announce the book, members will have estimately one month to read it. At that point we will meet to discuss the piece in person and virtually.

So, now that we have those details sorted out, let's get started! The first book is...DRUMROLL!!!!.. If Beale St Could Talk by James Baldwin. Both Assata and I consider Baldwin to be one of the most formidable authors in American literature. His examinations of race, sexuality, religion and class among other topics compel discourse. If Beale St Could Talk, with its promotion of the black family and black love, is just one of James Balwin's  works that still bear poignant relevance. We'll explore the significance of this book next month. You can obtain a copy on or for reasonable prices. If Beale St Could Talk is also available in ebook format. We also encourage you to check out your local libraries and black owned book stores.

 Go grab a copy and mark your calendar for our Sept 27th session! {We will announce the time of the 1st live feed closer to the date}. Should you have questions,please leave them in the comment field below. We look forward to vibesing with you! 

Photograpy Credit: Sol Messiah

70's Fever

A significant portion of my fashion inspiration comes from the 1970's. The era was defined by icons such as Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Pam Grier, Iman and Bianca Jagger. On the heels of the turbulent 1960's , the fashion of 70's was festive, lavish and indulgent. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Halston created pieces that elegantly captured this exuberance. Yet, even before I came to know the names of these Greats, I was inspired by 70's icons closer to home.

As a girl, it was pure delight discovering photographs that archived my mother's and aunts' sassy style. As shown on those sepia toned pages,  maxi dresses, halter tops, bell bottoms, gowns, sexy tshirts, platform heels and big hair were au rigeur.

 Seeing my mother and aunts in all their vivacious, sensual and confident glory transformed how I viewed them and provided a few tips I came to value...Dress up, have fun & live life boldly!

Top: Ancestral Memory
Skirt: Vintage Liz Clairborne; Thrifted
Clutch: Thrifted
Earrings: Vintage; Thrifted
Shoes : Zara but DIY embellishments
Cuff: Indian
Rings & Bangles: Baba

Photo Credit : Kaye McCoy


Beaded Bibi