A Season of Growth

December is for many of us the month that we give much consideration to how far we have come over the past year. For me that is especially so. In addition to the fact that the 12th month (according to the Gregorian calendar that is) signifies that the Earth has completed another cycle around the sun, for me December is also significant because it is the anniversary of my birth. These two factors conspire in inducing me to be a bit more reflective about life and my place in it. To add to all this, I turn 35 this December. Maybe it's mind over matter, but for some reason, I've felt extremely sensitive about this birthday. Questions such as whether I'm making the most of this life, whether I'v grown and in what ways I still can, loom large in my mind. Hopefully, I can answer these and continue on the (often winding) path of living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Hopefully, I can be gentle with myself as I figure it out and I wish the same for you. 

Into The Depths

We live in an age in which stimuli comes at us with rapid fire speed from every direction. Opinions, sounds and images continuously vie for our attention, creating a cacophony through which we sometimes struggle to hear the whisperings of our subconscious minds. This over stimulation constitutes spiritual noise.

Fortunately, nature provides us with a reprieve. The natural environment gently redirects our attention from the things that typically monopolise our focus. Gazing upon mountains, trees or the sea stills our thoughts.  Being in the presence of this vastness reminds us that our preoccupations with the material world are miniscule in the grand (universal) scheme of things,  if they matter at all.  Also, nature's beauty lures us deep within away from blaring distractions, enabling  us to hear the messages that silence holds.


Travel Diary: Mexico City with Frida

The queue stretched around the corner and I stood at the centre of it. The chances that I would make it to the ticket office before the museum closed seemed unlikely. I silently berated myself for not making the visit earlier.  Should I even attempt entering or find some other way to pass my last evening in Mexico City? The line was moving though, not to mention that I had come all this way to stand in this house, Casa Azul - Frida Kahlo's House. With that said, turning back was not an option, not without trying at least. Ten minutes later, I made it to the wrought iron window and handed over the eighty pesos required for entry. The attendant gave me a ticket and I smiled in relief. There was still about an hour before closing. SWEET!

From the front door, even surrounded by other tourists, it was easy to imagine the once daily routines of the famed artist. I took my time in each room, taking in the pieces of art, painting utensils and home decor. With each moment spent in the space, I felt closer to the radical woman who dwelled there for much of her life. The experience of visiting Casa Azul was surreal. For so long, I had admired Frida Kahlo, not only as an artist but also as a person who defied living a life based on the limitations imposed by other people or circumstances. Here, I was touching the same walls that she had touched and stepping across the floors on which she had stepped.
   As I made my way back to the entrance with the other visitors,  I felt inspired by Frida Kahlo's courage, strength and authenticity.It was a good thing that I hadn't turned back.